Session Reviews

Update 3/11/15: Posted new Public Session with Tony to Consulting page.

Update 3/3/15:
Lots of updates today! Public sessions with Alison and Evelyn have been posted to Consulting page. 2 new groups on Facebook have formed, check those on the News page.  Conversation with Dermot Kelly has been posted to Events. 

Update 1/29/15:
Posted Conversation with Tolec et al. to Events page, and posted Public sessions for Tao, Alison, Candice, Kristin, and Jeffrey posted to Consulting page. Update to In5D show...it has been cancelled.

Update 1/1515:
Upcoming Diamond's show with Tolec and the Adromedan Council posted to News

Update 1/6/15:
Posted Diamond's show with Sidereal astrologer Athen Chimenti to Events page

Update 11/1/14:
Posted Diamonds call with Franco DeNicola on Events page

Update 10/24/14:
Added sessions for Kevin and Patricia

Update 10/21/14:
Added a new page, Session Reviews!

Update 10/17/14:
Posted public sessions with Angela, Andrew, and Simone

Update 10/14/14:
Posted public session with David

Update 10/10/14:
Posted public sessions with Dan

Update 10/2/14:
Posted first 2 public sessions with Curt

Update 9/26/14:
Posted Public Sessions with Benjamin, Angela, and Andrea.

Update 9/25/14:
Posted Public Sessions with Andrew (3), found on Consulting page.

Update 9/19/14:
Updated News page.

Update 8/26/14:
I was a guest on India Irie's show today, which I have posted in Events

Update 8/10/14:
Pleiadian Update from August 9, 2014 posted to Events., and New Facebook group was created: "Questions for the Pleiadians"

Update 8/2/14:
Corey Taylor Talks Show from Thursday, July 31, 2014 is posted to Events.

Update 7/22/14:
I have posted a Pleiadian Update from 7/17/14 on the News page.

Update 7/20/14
: I have begun posting public sessions starting with Whitney Fisher from the One People crew. I had a session with her almost one year ago, both of us have changed exponentially since then, enjoy!  These sessions will be found on the Consulting page.

Update 7/8/14:
Added Radio Show Guest Appearances to the Events page.