Session Reviews

Update 12/9/14: Posted upcoming show appearances on News page

Update 11/1/14:
Posted Diamonds call with Franco DeNicola on Events page

Update 10/24/14:
Added sessions for Kevin and Patricia

Update 10/21/14:
Added a new page, Session Reviews!

Update 10/17/14:
Posted public sessions with Angela, Andrew, and Simone

Update 10/14/14:
Posted public session with David

Update 10/10/14:
Posted public sessions with Dan

Update 10/2/14:
Posted first 2 public sessions with Curt

Update 9/26/14:
Posted Public Sessions with Benjamin, Angela, and Andrea.

Update 9/25/14:
Posted Public Sessions with Andrew (3), found on Consulting page.

Update 9/19/14:
Updated News page.

Update 8/26/14:
I was a guest on India Irie's show today, which I have posted in Events

Update 8/10/14:
Pleiadian Update from August 9, 2014 posted to Events., and New Facebook group was created: "Questions for the Pleiadians"

Update 8/2/14:
Corey Taylor Talks Show from Thursday, July 31, 2014 is posted to Events.

Update 7/22/14:
I have posted a Pleiadian Update from 7/17/14 on the News page.

Update 7/20/14
: I have begun posting public sessions starting with Whitney Fisher from the One People crew. I had a session with her almost one year ago, both of us have changed exponentially since then, enjoy!  These sessions will be found on the Consulting page.

Update 7/8/14:
Added Radio Show Guest Appearances to the Events page.